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Meet Dan

Hi, I am Dan Virkler and have been the owner of Virkler Cabinet since 1992. Over the years, our operation has grown and has become a symbol of quality and integrity. We have a wide range of experience from cabinet and countertop fabrication, to spectacular spray finishing. As I approach retirement, I want to pass this company on. My desire is that the company will grow and flourish. I would like to introduce the Beutels. Many of you know Evan. He has worked for me the past 12 years, learning the trade from the ground up and has played an integral role in the success of my business. We have been a team, working together to build your dreams. Evan has managed the shop for the past 5 years, building and installing your kitchens and cabinets with care and precision. On January 1, 2021, the Beutels will be taking over the ownership of my company. I am looking forward to helping them with sales and also looking forward to my new freedom of retirement. His wife Rebecca will take over CAD design and running the office. They have my full support in this venture and I look forward to years ahead, watching them grow the business I started. 

Meet the

Beutel Family

Hi, I am Evan Beutel and this is my wife Rebecca and our daughter Alayna. We are looking forward to January 1 with great expectation. We plan to continue to grow this business standing on the principles of honesty and integrity, building your cabinets with precision and care. We are thankful to Dan for his years of experience and his willingness to stay on our sales team as we begin this new challenge. Over the last 12 years I have worked for Dan, I have learned the fundamentals of operating a successful custom cabinet shop. We are thankful to Dan for his teaching and the opportunity he provided for us to own and operate this business. We look forward to working with you to build your dreams as we move forward together in this venture. 

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